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November 6, 2005
Gov. Mark Warner
Gov. Mark Warner BIO:
· 69th governor of Virginia (inaugurated Jan. 2002), term ends Jan. 2006.
· Chairman of the National Governors Association.

· Undergraduate degree from George Washington University, 1977
· Law degree from Harvard, 1980

· Helped found the Virginia Health Care Foundation, which has provided health care to more than 476,000 Virginians in rural and urban areas.
· Started TechRiders an innovative program that teaches basic computer skills to those who were not exposed to them in their schools and homes.
· In 1997, he developed the Virginia High-Tech Partnership, which helps students from Virginia's five Historically Black Colleges and Universities pursue technology careers through a summer internship and job placement program.

· Managing Director of Columbia Capital Corporation.
· He co-founded Nextel.
· Co-Funded Capital Cellular Corporation.
· Worked for Rep. Ella Grasso, Sens. Abe Ribicoff & Chris Dodd.

· Born on December 15, 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana
· Married to Lisa Collis; three daughters - Madison, Gillian, and Eliza
· Presbyterian

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Info: Gov. Mark Warner discusses his plans for after he leaves the Governor's office and the possibility that he will seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008. His term ends when the new Governor is sworn in on Jan. 14, 2006.

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