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December 18, 2005
Randi Rhodes
Radio Talk Show Host
Randi Rhodes BIO:
She is the host of the Air America radio show The Randi Rhodes Show since March 2004

· In 2004, she moved back to New York and joined Air America.
· Began working at WJNO in Florida in 1994. She replaced G. Gordon Liddy.
· She went from TX to AL, Milwaukee, Dallas, NYC, Miami and West Palm Beach, FL.
· Began radio career in Seminole, TX.
· Former waitress, secretary, trucker, and U.S. Air Force aircraft mechanic.

· Born in 1959 in Brooklyn, NY.
· Raised her niece Jessica after her sister passed away from breast cancer.
· Father was a mechanical engineer and WWII veteran; mother worked in a dress shop - her parents divorced when she was 15.
· Married Jim Robertson, an independent TV producer & cameraman, in 1994; they divorced in April 2004.

Starred in HBO documentary Left of the Dial

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Info: Randi Rhodes discusses her syndicated radio program "The Randi Rhodes Show," which broadcasts on Air America Radio. She also discusses her political views and her personal background.

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