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January 15, 2006
Susan Schmidt
Washington Post Investigative Reporter
Susan Schmidt BIO:
Recently, Schmidt has written about terrorism, and, most recently, has been detailed to the Post's Investigative staff to write about corrupt lobbying.

· At the Washington Post since 1983.
· Started her newspaper career as a news
  assistant at The Washington Star.
· She went on to reporting jobs at the Los
  Angeles Herald Examiner and the Quincy, Mass. Patriot Ledger.
· She joined the Post first as an editor and reporter in Metro news,
  then moved to the Business news staff as a reporter covering
  the collapse of the savings and loan industry.
· She joined the Post's National news staff in 1992. She covered the
  Whitewater story and other independent counsel investigations,
  and wrote the first story about the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

Suburban New York

B.A. in English from Mary Baldwin College in 1975

She and a coauthor, Michael Weisskopf, published a best-selling book in 2000 about the inner workings of that investigation entitiled "Truth at Any Cost."

Schmidt is married to Glen Nishimura, an editor at USA Today. They have two teenage daughters and live in McLean, Va.

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Info: Susan Schmidt, Washington Post Investigative Reporter, discusses her investigative reporting, including the Jack Abramoff story and the Monica Lewinsky story.
We learn how investigative reporting works, how she discovers stories and develops them.

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