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February 5, 2006
Shirley Franklin
Mayor of Atlanta - (D)
Shirley Franklin BIO:
· Elected 58th mayor of Atlanta in 2002.
· She is the first female mayor of Atlanta and the first African American to serve as mayor in a major southern city.

· Served as Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for then Mayor Maynard Jackson in 1978.
· Later named Chief Administrative Officer by Jackson’s successor Mayor Andrew Young, becoming the first woman in the country to hold that position.
· When Maynard Jackson was elected to his third term, Franklin remained as Executive Officer of Operations.
· Served as senior vice president for external relations for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.
· Served as CEO of Shirley Clarke Franklin & Associates, a management and consulting firm for public and community affairs.
· Appointed to serve on Governor Barnes’ three-person transition team and later was asked to serve on the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority in 1998.

· Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Howard University.
· Awarded her Masters of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.
· Awarded an honorary degree from Howard University and an honorary degree from the Atlanta College of Art.

Has been a resident of southwest Atlanta for almost 35 years and is a proud parent of three adult children.

· Serves as a member of the Democratic National Committee.
· Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Georgia.
· Georgia Municipal Associations’ 2nd Vice President.
· Chair of the Travel and Tourism Taskforce.
· Chair of the US Conference of Mayor’s Women’s Caucus.
· Chair of Atlanta Development Authority.
· Chair of the Brand Atlanta Campaign.
· Member of the National Conference of Black Mayor’s Business Council.
· Secretary of the Board of the Atlanta Regional Commission.
· Serves as Chair of its Ethics Committee.
· Secretary of the Executive Committee.

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Info: Mayor Shirley Franklin discusses her political future. She was just elected to a 2nd term as Mayor and has been called one of the "America's Best Leaders" by U.S. News and World Report.

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