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April 30, 2006
Richard Carlson
The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies Vice Chairman
Richard Carlson BIO:
PREVIOUS: ·Director of the Voice of America for the last six years of the Cold War.
·Member of the U.S. delegation to the annual US-USSR Information Talks in Moscow and Washington, D.C.
·Led official U.S. government delegations to the People's Republic of China, to Georgia, USSR, and to Moldavia, USSR.
·President and CEO of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting for five years.
· President and CEO of King World Productions Public TV of New York and LA.
· Former US ambassador to the Seychelles.
· Head of the ABC-TV Investigative Unit in Los Angeles.
· General-assignment reporter and columnist for United Press International.

OTHER: · Board member of the Institute for the Study of Terrorism & Political Violence in Washington, D.C.
· Written, produced and directed three documentary films for ABC TV and one for NBC TV; “Hello Again-With Rod McKuen," was about the poet and songwriter Rod McKuen's search for his missing father.
· Won two other Hollywood Emmy's and two other “Golden Mike” Awards for investigative reporting .

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Info: Richard Carlson discusses his article in the Weekly Standard about writing gossip and his other life experiences.

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