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April 23, 2006
Rachel Bronson
Author, "Thicker than Oil: America's Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia"
Rachel Bronson BIO:
Rachel Bronson
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

· Study Group on Building a U.S. Policy Toward Saudi Arabia
· Roundtable on the Middle East and Islam

· Adjunct Professor, Columbia University (2005),
· Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies (1997-99)
· Consultant, Center for Naval Analyses (1998-99)
· Adjunct Professor, Columbia University (1995)
· Fellow, Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University (1994-96)

· Thicker Than Oil: America's Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia (Oxford University Press, 2006)
· "Understanding US-Saudi Relations," in Saudia Arabia in the Balance: Political Economy, Society, Foreign Affairs (C. Hurst & Col., Ltd, 2005)
· "Rethinking Religion: The Legacy of the U.S.-Saudi Relationship," Washington Quarterly (2005)
· "Where Credit is Due: The Provenance of Middle East Reform," National Interest (Summer 2005)
· Guiding Principles for U.S. Post-Conflict Policy in Iraq, Report of an Independent Working Group (Council on Foreign Relations Press/James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University, 2003)
· "When Soldiers Become Cops," Foreign Affairs (November/December 2002)
· "Questions of War and Timing," New York Times (2002)

· Carnegie Scholars Award, Carnegie Corporation (2003)
· Smith Richardson Research Grant (1996-97)
· Alice Paul Dissertation Award (1995)

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Info: Rachel Bronson discusses the history of the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia and her book, "Thicker than Oil: America's Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia."

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