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November 12, 2006
Adrian Fenty
Mayor-Elect Washington, DC (D)
Adrian Fenty BIO:
Democrat Adrian Fenty elected the District of Columbia's mayor in November 2006

· In 2000 elected to represent Ward 4 on the Council of Washington, DC
· Chairman of the Council's Committee on Human Services, with oversight over the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Child and Family Services Administration, Department of Human Services, and Office on Aging
· intern for such progressive members of Congress as Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH), Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-DC) and Joseph P. Kennedy (D-MA)
· President of the 16th Street Neighborhood Civic Association, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in ANC 4C, Legislative Director for the Ward 4 Democrats, and on the boards of the Lamond-Riggs Recreation Center, and the Friends of the Upshur Recreation Center

· Attended D.C. Public Schools
· Finished high school at Mackin Catholic High School
· Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics from Oberlin College
· J.D. from the Howard University School of Law

community service awards from DC Acorn for his "commitment to social justice" and the Federation of Citizens for "courageous community service

Adrian Fenty is married and has twin boys

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Info: Adrian Fenty discusses his plans for DC as its newly elected mayor. We also discussed his views on education, corruption, drugs and how he became the mayor of the nation's capital at the age of 35.

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