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August 5, 2007
Dr. Christine Montross
Author, "Body of Work"
Resident in Psychiatry at Brown University where she also attended medical school and received the Isaac Ray Award in Psychiatry.

While writing 'Body of Work,' she traveled to anatomical theaters, sought out holy relics, and dissected three arms, a leg, and an entire human body.

· Before entering medicine, she taught high school in the San Francisco Bay area.
· Taught writing classes as a lecturer at University of Michigan.
· Had several poems published in literary journals, and her manuscript 'Embouchure' was a finalist for the National Poetry Series.

· Medical School: Brown Medical School, 2006 Undergraduate: MA
· Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2006, Brown University
· MA of Fine Arts in Creative Writing/Poertry, 1998, University of Michigan
· BS, Natural Resources, 1996, University of Michigan
· BA, French, 1996, University of Michigan

· Brown Medical School, Leah J. Dickstein Commended Scholar, 2004
· Brown University Faculty Scholar Nominee, 2003
· The First Brown Summer Fellow in the Arts and Humanities in Medicine, 2002
· Mortar Board National Honor Society
· Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society

Writing/literature, travel, cooking, football fan.

Born and raised in Indiana, and spent summers at Higgins Lake in northern Michigan. Lives in Rhode Island with her partner, the playwright Deborah Salem Smith, and their one-year-old daughter Maude.

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Info: Dr. Christine Montross discusses her new book, "Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab," in which she writes about her experiences as a Brown University Medical School student and her work on cadavers.

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