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September 23, 2007
John Batchelor
Novelist & Radio Talk Show Host
John Batchelor BIO:

· Substitute host for Matt Drudge on July 22nd & September 2, 2007
· Host of the "John Batchelor Show," which was based at WABC radio in New York for five years from September 12, 2001, to September 1, 2006. It was syndicated nationally on the ABC radio network. The show was originally called "Batchelor and Alexander" when he was joined with co-host, Paul Alexander, who left the show in December 2003.

· The Further Adventures of Haley's Comet (1980)
· The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica (1984)
· American Falls (1986)
· Peter Nevsky and the True Story of the Russian Moon Landing (1993)
· Father's Day (1995)
· Ain't You Glad You Joined the Republicans?: A Short History of the GOP (1996)
· Writing as Tommy "Tip" Paine: Gordon Liddy Is My Muse: A Novel (1990), Walking the Cat: A Novel (1991)

· 1970 graduate of Princeton University and a 1976 graduate of Union Theological Seminary

· Born in Byrn Mawr, Pennsylvania in 1948, and was raised primarily in Lower Merion Township of Montgomery County.
· His mother and father both served in the United States Army during World War 2, and his father also served in the Korean War. His mother, Jeanne Nader, was a first sergeant in the Women's Army Corp, chiefly at Fort Benning, Georgia. His father, Calvin R. Batchelor, was an officer in the Combat Engineers, landing on Omaha Beach before H-Hour to remove underwater obstacles, surviving boldly from Normandy through all the major combat operations to VE Day, including the breakout from St. Lo, the Bulge, the Remagen Bridge. First Lieutenant Calvin R. Batchelor is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
· Has four younger brothers, and is married to the Reverend Doctor Bonnie Ann Rosborough, who is pastor of a Congregational church. His two children are in high school.

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Info: John Batchelor discusses his nightly radio show, which was cancelled last year by ABC Radio Network, and his work as a novelist. The John Batchelor show last aired on September 1, 2006. He has published 7 novels and is currently writing a historical novel on the events of 1916, which led to America's entry into the First World War.

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