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November 23, 2008
Brent Glass
Director, National Museum of American History
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Info: Our guest is Brent Glass, the director of the National Museum of American History. The museum is opening its doors on November 21, 2008, after being closed for renovations for two years. Mr. Glass has been the museum's director for six years. Brent Glass talks about the new look of the museum and the new or renovated artifacts. Some of the artifacts discussed includes the Star Spangled Banner, the portable desk used by Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence, and the Woolworth lunch counter used as the site for the 1960 student sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina. Viewers will also see the updated exhibit on U.S.Presidents, which includes President-Elect Barack Obama on the presidential timeline. The museum is the third most visited Smithsonian museum.

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