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February 15, 2009
Maryjane Behforouz
Mar Elias CampusTrustee
Maryjane Behforouz BIO:
· Owner, Healthy Structures
· Program Developer, Adventures Cross Country

· BA from Indiana University
·MA from Georgia State University

· Grew up in Indianapolis
· Married with two daughters

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Info: This week on Q&A, our guest is Maryjane Behforouz from Indianapolis, Indiana, who recently traveled to Israel. Ms. Behforouz is a member of the Board of Trustees of Mar Elias Campus, the university level of Mar Elias Educational Institutions. The goal of these schools is to teach Christians, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, and Druze under the same roof as a way of promoting peace. It was started by Melkite Catholic Archbishop Elias Chacour. The university level is a branch of the University of Indianapolis (www.mecedu.org). Maryjane Behforouz shared video of interviews she conducted with Archbishop Chacour and students. We also see excerpts of her interviews with various people outside the academic institution including an Arab Muslim living in a refugee camp and a Palestinian Christian who owns a hotel in Bethlehem.

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