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May 31, 2009
Colbert King
Columnist, The Washington Post
Colbert King BIO:
·Op-Ed Columnist, The Washington Post (since 1990)
·Contributor, The Washington Post online
·Panelist, "Inside Washington" WABC-TV ·Commentator, WTOP Radio

·Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Washington Post (2000-2007)
·Executive VP, Riggs Bank (1980-1990)
·U.S. Executive Director, World Bank (1979-1980)
·Deputy Asst. Sec. of Treasury (1976-1979)
·Minority Staff Director, Senate Committee on DC (1972-1976)
·Special officer, US State Department (1964-1980)

·Pulitzer Prize in Commentary (2003)

·Howard University, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government (1961)

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Info: Our guest is Colbert King, a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and former Deputy Editorial Page Editor of The Washington Post. Besides journalism, Mr. King's career includes being Minority staff director of the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia in the mid-70s where he assisted in drafting the Home Rule Act. He was a Deputy Asst. Treasury Department Secretary, U.S. Executive Director to the World Bank, and he spent ten years as a vice president at Riggs Bank. He joined the editorial board of the Washington Post in 1990. Since 1995 he has written a weekly column for the newspaper. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003.

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