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August 23, 2009
Frank Mankiewicz
Vice Chairman, Hill & Knowlton
Frank Mankiewicz BIO:
· Vice Chairman, Hill & Knowlton

· Peace Corps Regional Director
· Press Secretary, Sen. Robert Kennedy
· Campaign Director, George McGovern Presidential Campaign
· President, National Public Radio

· "U.S. vs. Richard M. Nixon
· "With Fidel: A Portrait of Castro and Cuba"
· "Remote Control" with Joel Swerdlow
· "Perfectly Clear: Nixon from Whittier to Watergate"

· B.A. Political Science, University of California
· Masters, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
· LL.B. University of California, Berkeley

· Married to Patricia O'Brien
· Son Josh Mankiewicz is reporter for Dateline
· Son Ben Mankiewicz is weekend host for Turner Classic Movies
· Father Herman Mankiewicz was a screenwriter who co-wrote "Citizen Kane"

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Info: This week on Q&A, our guest is Frank Mankiewicz, vice chairman of Hill & Knowlton's Washington, DC office. Hill & Knowlton is a public relations firm based in New York. He joined the firm's predecessor in 1983 after being President of National Public Radio. He was press secretary to Senator Robert Kennedy and directed the 1972 presidential campaign of George McGovern. In the 1960's, he was in the Peace Corps and was regional director for Latin America. He is the author of four books.

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