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October 4, 2009
Mark Farkas
Executive Producer, "The Supreme Court: Home to America's Highest Court"
Mark Farkas BIO:
· Executive Producer, History Programming, C-SPAN

· Executive Producer/Producer for
· White House Week (C-SPAN 2008)
· Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered (C-SPAN, 2007)
·The Capitol (C-SPAN, 2006)
· Rebuilding Iraq (C-SPAN, 2003)
· American Writers: A Journey Through History (C-SPAN, 2002)
· American Presidents: Life Portraits (C-SPAN, 1999-2000)
· The Alexis de Tocqueville Tour (C-SPAN, 1998)
· Sing Sing: Life Inside the Walls(C-SPAN, 1998)
· Lincoln-Douglas Debates (C-SPAN, 1995)
· Producer: Tribune Broadcasting

· Graduate of William & Mary

· Married, Two Children

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Info: On Q&A, a preview and behind the scenes look at C-SPAN's new documentary on the Supreme Court. All 9 justices as well as two retired justices have been interviewed to tell this story of how the Supreme Court operates and to give viewers an unprecedented look inside the building in which they do their work. Executive Producer Mark Farkas is the guest to tell the story of how the documentary was developed. The program also features video clips from the justice interviews that will not be seen in the documentary.

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