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November 8, 2009
Melvin Urofsky
Author, "Louis D. Brandeis: A Life"
Melvin Urofsky BIO:
· Visiting Professor of History, American University

·Professor of Law & Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University
·Professor Emeritus of History, Virginia Commonwealth University
·Chair of History Department, Virginia Commonwealth University
·Taught at Ohio State University (1964-1967)
·Taught at State University of New York at Albany(1967-1974)
·Visiting Professor of History, College of William & Mary

·Author or Editor of 52 books

·Columbia University, BA and Ph.D
·University of Virginia Law Degree

·Married with two sons

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Info: Our guest is Melvin Urofsky, whose latest book is a biography of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. The author is a visiting professor of history at American University. Before that he taught at Virginia Commonwealth University since 1974. He is the author or editor of 52 books. Louis Brandeis was 59 years old when he was named to the Supreme Court by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Prior to that he had been instrumental in the development of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission. Professor Urofsky discusses Justice Brandeis' early years in Louisville and his leadership in the American Zionist movement. He was the first Jewish member of the Court. Justice Brandeis remained on the court until 1939. When the new Supreme Court building opened in 1935, Justice Brandeis refused to move into his new chambers, saying that the courtroom in the Capitol was more symbolic of smaller government.

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