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January 31, 2010
Terry Teachout
Author, "Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong"
Terry Teachout BIO:
·Working on book on Duke Ellington
·Author: "Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong" (2009)
·Drama Critic for The Wall Street Journal
·Chief Culture Critic of Commentary Magazine

·All in the Dances: A Brief Life of George Balanchine (2004, Harcourt)
·A Terry Teachout Reader (2004, Yale University Press)
·The Skeptic: A Life of H.L. Mencken (2002, HarperCollins)
·City Limits: Memories of a Small-Town Boy (1991, Poseidon Press)

·B.S. in Music Journalism, William Jewell College

·Born February 6, 1956 in Sikeston, Missouri
·Lives and works in New York City

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Info: This week on Q&A, our guest is Terry Teachout, Drama Critic for The Wall Street Journal. He will talk about his new biography of Louis (Louie) Armstrong called "Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong." Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician who influenced the music and culture of the 20th century. In this interview, we focus on the public life of Louis Armstrong including: --his experiences with segregation while touring --his disagreement with President Eisenhower over race, calling the President "two faced" and having "no guts" --accusations from fellow musicians like Dizzy Gillespie that Armstrong was an "Uncle Tom." --his overseas tours Terry Teachout is the Drama Critic for The Wall Street Journal. His previous books include "The Skeptic: A Life of H.L. Mencken."

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