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April 11, 2010
Evan and Michael Gregory
The Gregory Brothers "Auto-Tune the News"
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Evan and Michael Gregory BIO:
For more information, go to the Gregory Brothers website at www.gregorybrothers.com

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Info: Our guests are Evan and Michael Gregory, two of the four people who make up the group "The Gregory Brothers." They create music videos using politicians, newscasters and other people in the news. Then, using a pitch correction technique commonly called Auto-Tune, they write original music to make it appear as if their subjects are singing. They also edit themselves into the music videos. The program features a number of their videos which are all available on youtube.com. At the end of the program, they are joined by the two other members of the group, Andrew Gregory, and Sarah Gregory, who is married to Evan. When not making "Auto-Tune the News," The Gregory Brothers are a professional band singing folk, soul, and pop music.

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