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April 25, 2010
Historians Douglas Brinkley & Richard Norton Smith
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Historians Douglas Brinkley & Richard Norton Smith BIO:

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Info: Our guests are two historians, Richard Norton Smith and Douglas Brinkley. They talk about their work and their profession. Richard Norton Smith currently teaches at George Mason University and is working on a biography of Nelson Rockefeller. Douglas Brinkley teaches at Rice University. He is working on a biography of Walter Cronkite. His book on the Alaska wilderness and the Wildlife Refuge there will be published in December. This program looks back at their first appearances on C-SPAN in 1993. They also discuss teaching history through tours. Douglas Brinkley's 1993 book "The Majic Bus" told the story of students travelling with him to historical sites as part of their college history class. More recently, Richard Norton Smith has started taking people on tours of presidential sites (www.presidentsandpatriots.com).

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