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June 20, 2010
Leo Damrosch
Author, "Tocqueville's Discovery of America"
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Leo Damrosch BIO:
Professor of Literature, Harvard University

·"Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius"
·"The Sorrows of the Quaker Jesus: James Nayler and the Puritan Crackdown on the Free Spirit"
·"Fictions of Reality in the Age of Hume and Johnson"
·"The Imaginative World of Alexander Pope"
·"God's Plot and Man's Stories: Studies in the Fictional Imagination from Milton to Fielding"
·"Symbol and Truth in Blake's Myth"
·"The Uses of Johnson's Criticism"
·"Samuel Johnson and the Tragic Sense"

·Received the Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature Award at Harvard University (2001)
· Studied as a Marshal Scholar during his time at Cambridge University
·Of his many books, "Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius" was one of five finalist for the 2005 National Book Award in nonfiction and winner of the L.L. Winship/PEN New England Award

·B.A. from Yale University
·M.A. from Cambridge University
·Ph.D. from Princeton University

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Info: Our guest is Leo Damrosch, author of the new book "Tocqueville's Discovery of America." He follows Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville on his tour of America in 1831 and 1832 and looks at Tocqueville's subsequent book, "Democracy in America." Leo Damrosch is a professor of Literature at Harvard. His previous books feature Rousseau, James Boswell, and Samuel Johnson. He has a Bachelor's degree from Yale, a Master's degree from Cambridge, and a doctorate from Princeton.

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