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August 15, 2010
Don Ritchie
Senate Historian
Q&A Podcasts
Don Ritchie BIO:
· United States Senate Historian

· U.S. Marine Corps (1969-1971)
· Associate Senate Historian (1976-2009)

· The U.S. Congress: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2010)
· Electing FDR: The New Deal Campaign of 1932 (University Press of Kansas, 2007)
· Our Constitution (Oxford University Press, 2006)
· Reporting from Washington: The History of the Washington Press Corps (Oxford University Press, 2005)
· Doing Oral History: A Practical Guide (Oxford University Press, 1997)
· The Congress of the United States: A Student Companion (Oxford University Press, 1993)
· Press Gallery: Congress and the Washington Correspondents (Harvard University Press, 1991)
· James M. Landis: Dean of Regulators (Harvard University Press, 1980)

· Organization of American Historians Richard W. Leopold Prize (1992)

· B.A. City College of New York (1967)
· Masters University of Maryland, College Park (1969)
· Ph. D. University of Maryland, College Park (1975)

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Info: Our guest is Senate Historian Donald Ritchie. He has just authored a new book called "The U.S. Congress: A Very Short Introduction." The book was published as part of a series by Oxford University Press. The purpose is to provide people with an introduction to areas of interest. Each book is only about 35,000 words. Mr. Ritchie's book gives a history and background on how Congress works. He has been the Senate Historian for one year. Prior to that, he was Associate Historian of the Senate since 1976. This interview features clips from three movies about Congress and discusses their accuracy. The movies include "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Advise and Consent," and "The Distinguished Gentleman."

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