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February 20, 2011
Donald Rumsfeld
Author, "Known and Unknown: A Memoir"
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Donald Rumsfeld BIO:
·Author, "Known and Unknown"

·Secretary of Defense, President George W. Bush (2001-2006)
·President, Gilead Sciences Inc. (1997-2001)
·Chief Executive Officer, General Instrument Corporation (1990-1993)
·Chairman Emeritus, Carlyle Group (1989-2005)
·Special Envoy, President Reagan Middle East (1983-1984)
·Senior Advisor, President Reagan Panel on Strategic Systems (1983-1984)
·Member, President's General Advisory Committee on Arms Control (1982-1986)
·Secretary of Defense, President Gerald Ford (1975-1977)
·White House Chief of Staff (1974-1975)
·US Ambassador, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (1973)
·United States House of Representatives(1963-1969)

A.B. Political Science, Princeton University

·Married with three children

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Info: Our guest is former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on his new book “Known and Unknown.” After leaving his position in the Bush administration, he spent four years completing this book on his life. Mr. Rumsfeld has twice held the position of Secretary of Defense, in the George W. Bush administration and the Gerald Ford administration. Other offices include Chief of Staff to Gerald Ford, UN Representative to NATO, and a member of Congress. In this interview, Mr. Rumsfeld talks about the process of writing the book. He also addresses some of the critical and positive reviews the book has received. Through viewing clips of an appearance on C-SPAN in 1991, Mr. Rumsfeld talks about his philosophy of presidential staff leadership. He also compares and contrasts his years in government with those in business.

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