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August 7, 2011
Alyona Minkovski
Host, "The Alyona Show"
Alyona Minkovski BIO:
·Host, "The Alyona Show"

·Reporter and correspondent for Russia Today.

·University of California, Santa Cruz
·B.A. in Politics with minor in Film and Digital Media

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Info: Our guest is Alyona Minkovski, host of “The Alyona Show”. Minkovski discusses her television program, shown weeknights at 6pm and 10pm on RT. Formerly known as Russia Today, RT is a Russian government funded media network. She talks about her program’s goal of examining the news not typically covered by traditional media outlets in the United States. She comments on segments of her hour long program which include “The Tool Time Award,” and “Alyona’s Happy Hour.” Topics range from media coverage of Sarah Palin, to the proposed length of US troop involvement in Afghanistan. She also discusses her parody of broadcaster Glenn Beck in one of her episodes.

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