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August 28, 2011
Clarence Lusane
Author, "The Black History of the White House"
Clarence Lusane BIO:
·Author, "The Black History of the White House"
·Associate Professor of Political Science in the School of International Service - American University
·Program Director for Comparitive and Regional Studies - American University
·National Columnist, Black Voices syndicated new network

·Editor, Black Political Agenda
·Chairman of the Board, National Alliance of Third World Journalists
·Staff Member, office of Del. Walter Fauntroy (D-DC)
·Staff Member, Democratic Study Group

·Wayne State University
·Howard University, Ph.D. 2007

·Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice: Foreign Policy, Race, and the New American Century (2006)
·Hitler's Black Victims: The Experiences of Afro-Germans, Africans, Afro-Europeans and African Americans During the Nazi Era (2002)
·Race in the Global Era: African Americans at the Millennium (1997)
·No Easy Victories: A history of Black Elected Officials (1997)

·Married, one son

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Info: Our guest is Clarence Lusane, author of “The Black History of the White House.” This historical narrative details the contributions of black men and women in the White House, from the early days of its construction to the present. Lusane recounts little known stories from such individuals as Oney Judge, slave to George and Martha Washington, and Paul Jennings, owned by James and Dolly Madison. The book explores emancipation, reconstruction, the civil rights movement and its aftermath, and contemporary issues arising from the Obama presidency. Lusane speaks of his formative childhood years, including his vivid memories of when his mother and sister were shot during a city wide riot in Detroit in July of 1967.

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