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October 9, 2011
John Paul Stevens
Author, "Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir" & Retired U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (1975 - 2010)
John Paul Stevens BIO:
·Author, "Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir"
·Retired Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court

·Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court (1975-2010) Nominated by President Gerald Ford
·Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (1970-1975) Nominated by President Richard Nixon
·Second Vice President, Chicago Bar Association (1970)
·Founding Partner: Rothschild, Stevens, Barry & Myers (1952)
·Member, Attorney General's National Committee to Study Antitrust Law (1952-1955)
·Associate Counsel, House Judiciary's Subcommittee on the Study of Monopoly Power (1951-1952)

·University of Chicago: BA English (1941)
·Northwestern University School of Law: J.D. magna cum laude (1947)

·Married, four children

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Info: Our guest this week, is retired U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens as he discusses his new book, "Five Chiefs." It is a memoir which details the workings of the Supreme Court from Stevensí personal experiences with the five most recent chief justices. As the third longest serving Supreme Court Justice in American history, John Paul Stevens recounts his dealings with each individual chief justice, beginning with the 1947 term and culminating in his resignation at the end of the 2010 term. Justice Stevens relates his personal views of each chief justice along with stories of his own career including his attendance at Northwestern Law School. He shares information about many of the most complex and controversial decisions he was involved with including freedom of speech, affirmative action, and capital punishment. Stevens identifies the justices he was personally closest to, and shares the story of why he finally chose to submit his resignation in 2010.

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