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December 18, 2011
John Feinstein
Author, "One on One: Behind The Scenes With The Greats In The Game"
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Info: Author and sports commentator John Feinstein discusses his new professional memoir, “One On One: Behind The Scenes with The Greats In The Game.” The book chronicles his many years of reporting on some the greatest figures in sports history. Feinstein talks about the case for federal government intervention in the administration of college athletics. He addresses the use of taxpayer money for football and baseball arenas throughout the country. In addition, Feinstein recounts his story of testifying before a House Judiciary subcommittee regarding baseball’s antitrust exemption, granted by Congress in 1922. He details two rules changes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association that occurred arising from the publication of two of his books. Feinstein reviews the salaries of college football coaches compared to the school’s administrators. He talks about his early writing career, and the 25th anniversary publication of his first book, “A Season on the Brink, A year With Bob Knight and The Indiana Hoosiers.” He speaks about his seven heart bypass operations, along with his early reporting days at The Washington Post.

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