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January 1, 2012
William Beutler
Editor, TheWikipedian.net
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Info: William Beutler, the creator and editor of The Wikipedian.net, a blog designed to explain Wikipedia to the non user. Beutler describes his role as an editor, commentator and consultant for the Wikipedia website. He demonstrates the techniques he uses to create and edit and improve an individual page on Wikipedia. He talks about the potential problems, such as vandalism, which can be encountered on the website. He relates the story of former USA Today editor John Seigenthalerís battle to have malicious biography information corrected or removed from his own Wikipedia web page. He discusses the scandal of congressional aides editing and inserting information about their bosses in 2006. Beutler comments on the proper conduct and verifiability rules put in place by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. He shares his early experiences with blogging, and tells why he became interested in editing and consulting.

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