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January 22, 2012
Diana West
Syndicated Columnist, Universal Uclick
Diana West BIO:

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Info: Our guest is author and reporter Diana West discussing her weekly online column which is syndicated in over 100 newspapers nationwide. She writes about cultural and political issues from a self described conservative viewpoint. She talks about some themes in her columns, including the spread of Islamic law throughout formerly non-Islamic areas of the western world and her opposition to the war in Afghanistan. She details her criticism of then General David Petraeus for what she calls a “fuzzy headed” policy in Iraq during 2006. She calls the surge strategy of building up troops in Iraq an idealistic and naïve policy. She writes that the war was not worth the effort and failed to create a permanent positive benefit for the United States. She also expresses her concern about a wealthy member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, owning a large stake in News Corp., the parent company of one of the largest news franchises in the world, Fox News. She feels the purchase was made to influence the types of stories covered by the network. She talks about her childhood in Hollywood, California, and what issues and events influenced her current political thinking.

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