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February 5, 2012
Ray Mabus
Navy Secretary
Ray Mabus BIO:
Ray Mabus was sworn in as the Secretary of the Navy in June, 2009. In 1970 he served in the Navy as a Lieutenant (junior grade) aboard the USS Little Rock. He received a Masterís Degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from Harvard University in 1976. He served one term as the governor of Mississippi from 1998 to 1992. He was Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 1994 for two years.

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Info: Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus discusses his military career, his political career, and his current role as the nationís 75th Navy Secretary. Mabus describes the goals he has set for the Navy Department. He wants to make half of all the energy used by the Navy, including the Marines, originate from non fossil fuel sources by 2020. He states that the Navy has often led the country in changing energy. He cites the switch from sail power to coal, then coal to oil, and ultimately how the Navy was first in the use of nuclear power for transportation. Mabus discusses the future uses of the Navy and Marines, which would include a focus on deployment in the western pacific and the middle east. He says the Marines have been used as a second land army for close to ten years, and that purpose will diminish in the future. He explains the chain of command as it relates to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, military service chiefs, Secretary of Defense and the President. He reviews elements of the procurement process of aircraft carriers and reviews overall troop reductions for the coming decade. Secretary Mabus speaks of his actual experience in the Navy aboard the USS Little Rock, his days as the 60th governor of Mississippi, and his appointment as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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