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March 4, 2012
Robert Kagan
Author, "The World America Made"
Robert Kagan BIO:
Robert Kagan is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He holds a Ph.D. in American history from the American University in Washington, DC. He writes a monthly column for the Washington Post, and is a contributing editor for The Weekly Standard and The New Republic.

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Info: Author and Brookings Institution Fellow Robert Kagan discusses his latest book, “The World America Made.” In the book, Kagan asserts that the international world order we live in today was created almost entirely by American power and influence after World War II. He suggests that America is not a nation in decline. He cautions that there is a danger that the United States could take actions which might lead it into decline, but he feels the situation right now is a “fairly strong one.” He cites widespread democracy, the generally favorable economic climate, and the absence of war among great powers as examples of that strength. He says that the basic elements of the current international order must be defended and promoted by America, or there will be what he terms a “collapse of order.” He speaks about President Obama’s assertion in his 2012 State of the Union speech that the United States is not in decline. Kagan talks about his 13 years at the Carnegie Endowment and his change to the Brookings Institution as a Senior Fellow in 2010. He feels that there is a broad consensus in political parties on foreign policy which translates into a continuity of American foreign policy goals among different administrations. He is an adviser to Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign and is on the Foreign Policy Advisory Board of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. His wife, Victoria Nuland, is the State Department spokesperson.

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