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July 22, 2012
David Wood
Senior Military Correspondent, Huffington Post
David Wood BIO:
David Wood is the Senior Military Correspondent for the Huffington Post. Prior to that, he worked at Politics Daily. He has written for the Baltimore Sun, Time Magazine, the Newhouse News Service, and the Los Angeles Times. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University, is married with five children, and lives in Washington, DC.

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Info: Our guest is David Wood, senior military correspondent for the Huffington Post . He discusses winning the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. He authored a ten part series for the Huffington Post named ”Beyond the Battlefield: The War Goes on for the Severely Wounded.” Wood describes spending over nine months speaking and interacting with severely wounded veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, he recounts his interviews with the families of the soldiers, as well as more than two dozen military surgeons, combat medics, therapists, nurses and others at treatment facilities across the country. He states that with medical advancements, almost every soldier who is wounded on the battlefield is being saved for some period of time. His goal was to write about what life was like for these people who were severely wounded, and share their personal struggles with everyday life. The prize winning series has been released as a Huffington Post e-book as well as being available online. Wood also talks about his early years covering wars, including his receiving the Gerald R. Ford Journalism award for distinguished reporting on national defense.

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