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September 2, 2012
Ami Horowitz
Director, "U.N. Me" Documentary
Ami Horowitz BIO:
Ami Horowitz was born in Los Angeles, California and attended the University of Southern California. He worked as an investment banker for thirteen years. This is the first documentary he has directed and produced. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

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Info: Our guest is Ami Horowitz, director of a newly released documentary film entitled “U.N. Me.” The movie is a critical portrayal of the role the United Nations plays in global politics and peacekeeping. Horowitz uses the term “docutainment” to describe the type of movie he has produced and directed. He cites liberal film maker Michael Moore as a significant figure in the documentary film business, and credits Moore with motivating him to make “U.N. Me,” his first documentary. He calls his own political perspective “right of center,” and suggests that the documentary is a conservative point of view project which maintains that the United Nations has failed to serve the world in the manner it was chartered in 1945. He cites examples of murder and rape committed by U.N. troops in various countries where guilty parties have not been punished. He points to the lack of decisive U.N. action to stop the genocide in Rwanda and the ethnic cleansing in Sudan. He points to the selection of Iranian Prime Minister Mahmood Ahmadinijad as the keynote speaker at the U.N.’s human rights conference as something that outraged him. Horowitz describes how he gained access to the United Nations for filming, and talks about travelling the world for the production.

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