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September 16, 2012
Andrew Kaczynski
BuzzFeed Reporter
Andrew Kaczynski BIO:
Andrew Kaczynski grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and went to school at Ohio University. In 2010, he had an internship with the Republican National Committee. He is currently taking classes towards a degree in history from St. John’s University in New York. He joined BuzzFeed in January, 2012 and works and lives in New York.

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Info: Our guest this week is Andrew Kaczynski. He is a reporter for BuzzFeed, an internet based social news organization which delivers original reporting, opinion and viral content. Kaczynski discusses his work for the newly expanded politics section of the website. He describes his role as finding, researching and releasing old video clips of politicians. He notes that some statements from a person’s early career do not reflect their current positions. He admits there is an element of “gotcha” in searching through archival videos. He points out that some of the clips he has uncovered have “taken over” the news cycle by being shown on all the major news and cable outlets. He talks about the role of social media in reporting news and jokes about the difficulty of explaining the website BuzzFeed to his own parents. Kaczynski explains where he turns for news on a daily basis, and talks about what made him pursue reporting as a career.

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