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December 9, 2012
Crystal Wright
Editor and Publisher, conservativeblackchick.com
Crystal Wright BIO:
Crystal Wright earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University and a Master of Fine Arts in theater from Virginia Commonwealth University. After working for Fox News and ABC News, she transitioned to public relations and has 15 years experience in the field. Wright is the founder and principal of the Baker Wright Group, a public relations firm, and has been the editor of her blog conservativeblackchick.com since 2009. She lives in Washington, DC.

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Info: Our guest is Crystal Wright, the editor and publisher of the internet blog “conservativeblackchick.com.” Wright explains why she named her blog “Conservative Black Chick,” and tells how her upbringing shaped the belief system she holds today. She speaks of the discrimination her father faced when he was the only black man in his dental school program, as well as her mother’s experiences as a little girl attending segregated beaches. Wright discusses how her parents’ resolve in the face of adversity inspired her to be engaged in the political process. She reflects on the election of Barack Obama as the first African American president, and admits that she voted for him in 2008. She later describes her disillusionment with the president’s performance in office and how this has led her to become a sharp critic of his presidency. She discusses the campaign strategy of the Republican Party and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. She theorizes that the Romney campaign failed to effectively reach out to people of color during the recent election. Wright also talks about the reactions she faces as a result of her criticisms, and reveals that many of her own critics are liberal leaning African Americans.

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