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December 30, 2012
Kevin Phillips
Author, "1775: A Good Year for Revolution"
Kevin Phillips BIO:
Kevin Phillips was born in Manhattan and attended Colgate University, the University of Edinburgh, and Harvard Law School. He served as a strategist in the Nixon White House, and has been a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio. This is his fifteenth book. He and his wife have twin sons, and he resides in Connecticut.

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Info: Our guest is historian and commentator Kevin Phillips to discuss his new historical narrative titled “1775: A Good Year for Revolution.” Phillips suggests that the year 1775 was a critical launching point of both the Revolutionary War and American independence from Britain. He argues that the year 1776 has incorrectly emerged as a watershed year due to historical hype and confusion. He details American colonial successes in 1775 such as importing vital cannon and gunpowder, enlisting Indian tribes as allies, and launching a trade war with Britain through the Continental Association. Phillips lists some of his favorite colonial leaders such as Samuel Adams, and ventures his opinions on modern day presidents as well. He discusses portions of his fourteen other books, including bestsellers “American Theocracy” (2006) and “Bad Money” (2008).

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