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March 24, 2013
Dr. Francis Collins
Director, National Institutes of Health
Dr. Francis Collins BIO:
Francis Collins received a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1970. He earned his Ph.D in chemistry from Yale University in 1974 and his M.D. from the University of North Carolina in 1977. From 1984 to 1993 he taught at the University of Michigan. In 1993, he was appointed director of the Human Genome Project. In 2008, he was appointed as Director of the National Institutes of Health by President Barack Obama and approved by the Senate. Collins has authored several books including “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief” in 2006.

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Info: Our guest is Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health and former head of the Human Genome Project. Collins talks about the administration of the NIH which is comprised of 27 institutes and centers. He discusses the importance of the Genome Project to medical research and how it has helped doctors personalize medical treatment. He shares details about author and journalist Christopher Hitchens and the role he and the NIH played in treating Hitchens’ terminal cancer. He explains how he first met Hitchens and details their opposite views on the existence of God. Collins reveals his own personal transformation from atheism to Christianity. He explains why he sees no contradiction between his belief in science and his faith in God. He reflects on his early life growing up in rural Virginia, where he credits home schooling with sparking his love of learning. He talks about the nation’s obesity problem and the educational role he believes the NIH Director should play in promoting healthy living.

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