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June 2, 2013
Shola Lynch
Producer & Director, "Free Angela and All Political Prisoners"
Shola Lynch BIO:
Shola Lynch received a B.A. in liberal arts from the University of Texas in 1992. She went on to obtain an M.A. in American history and public history management from the University of California Riverside in 1995 and an M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2010. She worked with Ken Burns on PBS’ “Frank Lloyd Wright” and “Jazz” series. She received a Peabody award for her 2004 film about Shirley Chisholm. She is married to Vince Morgan, they have two children, and they live in Harlem, New York.

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Info: Our guest is Shola Lynch, producer and director of the recently released documentary titled “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners.” The film tells the story of Angela Davis who in 1972 was charged by the U.S. government in a murder conspiracy case which generated vast publicity and ended in an acquittal for Angela Davis on all charges against her. Lynch says the story needed to be told because it was what she calls “a political crime drama with a love story in the middle of it.” The documentary details Davis’ life from her middle class upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama to her becoming one of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” fugitives. It culminates in her ultimate acquittal by an all white jury in a California courtroom. Shola Lynch also talks about her previous documentary titled “Chisholm ’72: Unbought and Unbossed,” about Rep. Shirley Chisholm’s (D-NY) run for the presidency in 1972. In addition, Lynch discusses her childhood role as an extra on the PBS program “Sesame Street,” and her motivations for becoming a filmmaker.

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