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July 28, 2013
Jack Doyle
Founder and Publisher, PopHistoryDig.com
Jack Doyle BIO:
Jack Doyle grew up in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. In 1969 he received a B.S. from Millersville University. In 1971 he received a Master’s in Regional Planning from Penn State University. He started the website PopHistoryDig.com in 2008. He is the author of six books about American energy and environmental policy. Doyle was a senior policy analyst for the Environmental Policy Institute, a Washington DC research and lobbying firm. Jack currently works out of his home office in New Market, Maryland. He has one daughter and two grandchildren.

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Info: Our guest is Jack Doyle, the founder and publisher of the website PopHistoryDig.com. He describes his website as collection of stories about a variety of topics including media, entertainment, sports, marketing and politics. He explains what motivated him to develop the site, which covers the history of popular culture and its impact on politics. All of the over 170 in-depth articles on the site have been researched and written by Doyle and are accompanied by images, music and videos. Doyle writes on topics that range from the use of President John Kennedy’s image in a watch commercial, to the 1977 Frost-Nixon interviews and their impact on ordinary Americans. He shares details from one of his stories about CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow’s program titled “Person to Person.” In another story he describes the dedication of a statue in Brooklyn, New York honoring Senator Robert Kennedy. Doyle tells the story of how he began the website, and what motivated him to pursue it as a business. He states he always considered himself “a journalist of a kind.”

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