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October 27, 2013
Jonathan Goodman Levitt
Producer & Director, "Follow The Leader" documentary film
Jonathan Goodman Levitt BIO:
Photo: Changeworx. Jonathan Goodman Levitt grew up in Essex County, New Jersey. He graduated from Stanford University in 1999 having completed both a Bachelors and Masters in social psychology. He received a Fulbright Scholarship to London. There he attended the National Film and Television School and worked for VBB productions getting experience in documentary film making. In 2005, he founded Changeworx Production Company which ultimately led to the making of “Follow the Leader.” He is currently working to promote the film and is in the middle of producing several other documentaries.

·Official website -- followtheleaderfilm.com
·Facebook -- followtheleaderfilm
·Twitter @changeworxfilms
·Personal Twitter @otherJGL

·DVD Purchase -- followtheleaderfilm.com
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Info: This week on Q & A, our guest is filmmaker Jonathan Goodman Levitt. He discusses his latest project titled, “Follow the Leader.” He calls it a political coming-of-age documentary about three high school boys who want to become President. It follows Ben, Nick, and DJ as they transition into college and they describe the various influences that shape their political ideologies. Levitt describes his reasons for making such a film. He says the generational response to 9/11 prompted him to explore why young people believe what they do about politics. Levitt feels that politics is largely absent from schools today. He wants “Follow the Leader” to encourage civics discussions in the classroom. He says that the benefits of the film are not financial, but instead he wants it to foster political discourse. Levitt comments on what Ben, Nick, and DJ are up to now and if he still keeps in touch with them on a regular basis. He says there has been a positive response to the film across the political spectrum.

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