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March 6, 2005
April Witt
Washington Post Magazine, Staff Writer
April Witt BIO:
· Staff Writer for the Washington Post Magazine

· At the Washington Post.
 - Metro staff reporter for Maryland
 - Wrote a series on false confessions to
   the police in Prince Georges County, MD
   Pulitzer Prize nominee
 - Afghanistan from March-August 2003
 - Wrote a series on the fall of Enron
   August 2002
· Investigative team, Miami Herald
· Covered social services & poverty for the Miami Herald
· Reporter for the Virginia Pilot · Reporter, for the South Mississippi Sun & Daily Herald in Biloxi, MS

Northwestern University, for both undergraduate & graduate school

In the suburbs of Chicago

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Info: Reporter April Witt walks us through a story she wrote about a West Virginia man who won the Powerball Lottery and how the money changed his life for the better and worse.

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