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November 21, 2010
Edmund Morris
Author, "Colonel Roosevelt"
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Edmund Morris BIO:
·New Yorker
·New York Times
·Harper's Magazine

· Beethoven: The Universal Composer(2005)
· Theodore Rex (2001)
· The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (1979)
· Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan (1999)

· Rhodes University, South Africa

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Info: Our guest is Edmund Morris, author of "Colonel Roosevelt." This is the final in his series of three books on Theodore Roosevelt. In this program Morris will discuss Roosevelt’s years after the presidency up to his death at age 60. He also looks back at the 30 year process of writing about Theodore Roosevelt. The two previous books are "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" and "Theodore Rex." Morris won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1980 for "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt." He is also author of "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan" and a biography on Beethoven, "Beethoven: The Universal Composer." Edmund Morris was born in Nairobi, Kenya, but has lived in the United States since 1968.

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