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December 25, 2011
Michelle Fields
Video Journalist, The Daily Caller
Michelle Fields BIO:
Michelle Fields was born in Los Angeles and received her degree in Political Science from Pepperdine University in 2011. She contributed video work for Reason TV and joined The Daily Caller in mid 2011. The Daily Caller, a 24-hour news and commentary website was founded by journalist Tucker Carlson, and Neil Patel, former chief policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Info: Michelle Fields, video journalist for The Daily Caller shares her experiences reporting on a variety of issues for the 24-hour news site. She talks about an early interview with actor Matt Damon and his mother which was viewed over two million times on the internet. She shares video of her unanticipated involvement while covering the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York City where she was knocked down by a police officer. Fields takes us to the corridors of Congress where she asks participants in a “Patriotic Millionaires” press conference to donate to the US Treasury. She describes attending a book signing party for talk show host Chris Matthews in which she interviewed Washington Post veterans Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward. She discusses the change in journalism today contrasted with the period when Bradlee was the paper’s editor. She speaks of her childhood and her education at Pepperdine University, and how that affected her political views. She talks about the rise in citizen journalism, and suggests the internet has provided a major shift in the way young people get their information throughout the world.

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